Degreasing Aluminum
Seidel’s environmentally conscious philosophy is applied to designing processes that produce no hazardous waste from the start. 
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Creative Finishing

Alu-Pearl, Seidel’s innovative interference finish.
Seidel provides 3 standard finishes for aluminum parts; bright, satin and matte. 
  • Bright finish through electro-polishing high purity aluminum alloy 5657
  • Satin finish through electro-polishing low purity aluminum alloy 3005 / 9020
  • Matte or etched finish through alkaline etching of the 3005 / 9020 alloy
“Alu-Pearl” is our innovative interference finish. Designed in-house, and available in many colors, the finish reflects light in a unique way giving the effect of many colors in one.
Abstract art inspired experimental finish.       Seidel’s standard bright, satin and matte finish.       We make aluminum beautiful.
Additionally, featured here is one of our R&D department’s experimental finishes. This abstract art inspired series is visually appealing and uniquely decorative.
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