Degreasing Aluminum
Seidel’s environmentally conscious philosophy is applied to designing processes that produce no hazardous waste from the start. 
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Custom Colors

Seidel’s own custom colors.
If you can imagine it, Seidel can make it. On top of providing industry standards, our color services extend to include the color-match solution: Seidel’s own blended custom colors. Seidel is capable of producing any color, on any texture, to match any request, and process simultaneously through our independent hoist system. Our color and research department is dedicated to creating the closest color match through custom blending within a 24-48 hour turn around time. All of our dyes are organic, making the dyes environmentally safe. In addition to producing a variety of close color samples for each request, all of our colors are made to look the same in all light categories. Whether for outside use or indoor lighting, our color will remain visually consistent in all lighting conditions, in accordance with Seidel’s standards. Additionally, we have unlimited finish and shade capabilities including interference, iridescent, pearlescent and other coloring effects complementing our finishing spectrum. 

The bottom line is: We make aluminum beautiful. We create the finish from etched/matte over satin to bright and develop your custom color. If you are looking for ideas on how to differentiate your product from your competition, please contact us. We are looking forward to enhancing your product.
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