Degreasing Aluminum
Seidel’s environmentally conscious philosophy is applied to designing processes that produce no hazardous waste from the start. 
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Why Us

Seidel Aluminum Anodizing Company
Choose Seidel and you’ve picked the best electro-polishing and aluminum anodizing company in the country. We're proud of our innovation, high quality and customer satisfaction. In our state of the art facility we continuously train our team with the Lean Thinking Philosophy and stress continual improvement. 
Our finishes and colors are customer specific. If you can imagine your aluminum part in a different finish or color, we can make it happen. Just send us your part and we will create some new looks for you. Contact us now.


Our proximity to the cosmetic industry and great relationship with local raw part manufacturers insures fast turn around of samples for color and dimensions.

For color matches we invite the end customers of the cosmetic industry into our lab and production facility: that can reduce the traditional time for color approval dramatically.


  • Up to 15 Million small parts such as actuators and lipstick cases per week
  • Up to 4000 big sheets (11.5 ft * 3.5 ft) per week or higher quantities for smaller sheets or plates
  • Tooling/Racking can be developed for different parts and application

Equipment and Process

  • State of the art equipment with the emphasis of reducing drag-out and energy efficient operation
  • Competitive pricing through a higher degree of automatic loading and unloading of parts
State of the Art Loading Equipment for Anodizing and Electropolishing
  • A flexible hoist system permits running different jobs simultaneously
  • Stable process makes it easy to run 3 shifts
  • More consistent metal removal through electro-polishing for problem–free press fit assembly
  • Parts loaded of both sides of the rack
  • Racks : made of titanium, proprietary design with over 500,000 contact fingers
  • Electro-polishing or etching, anodizing, and sealing of aluminum

Products and Color

  • Bright finish through electro-polishing high purity aluminum alloy 5657
  • Satin finish through electro-polishing low purity aluminum alloy 3005 / 9010
  • Matte or etched finish through alkaline etching of the 3005 / 9010 alloy
  • Tight control of metal removal due to electro-polishing
  • Custom color developed on site
  • Laser engraving in-house
  • Through our metal forming partners, Seidel can deliver the completed finished part
Electropolishing for Automotive Parts

Environmental Advantage

  • Seidel’s Electro-polishing versus traditional chemical brightening:
             No Copper additives => no heavy metal in waste
             water and filter press cake
             No hot nitric acid added like in bright dip tank => no
             fumes in exhaust air
  • Proprietary hot water seal without nickel as in the traditional Nickel Acetate seal =>   no nickel in waste water and filter press cake

We work exclusively with aluminum, which is a prime material for recycling. Aluminum can be recycled indefinitely without any loss of quality and uses only a fraction of the original energy for the recycling process.

              Electropolishing for any color, any finish, any decoration.

              Continuous improvement through R&D

              • First to develop slip seal and ultra slip seal for dramatically reduced marring and reduction of scratches from one part damaging the next in bulk shipments.
              • Interference coloring for multi colors on the parts
              • Pearlecsence finish with Seidel’s proprietary “Alu-Pearl”
              • Experimenting with random multi color patterns